Sunday, June 26, 2011

Screaming, the only way to prove you're right.

It's a well known fact that the louder you say something the more likely it is to be correct. This is the reason why some people feel the need to write in all caps. It's like yelling; only using your keyboard and making yourself appear somehow even less intelligent than we're all sure you are.
Since the dawn of time there have been arguments. An argument of course being defined by Merriam-Webster as 'a coherent series of statements leading from a premise to a conclusion'. Coherency was too much to ask for and louder does prove you right more effectively, so of course someone needed to ruin arguing by cooking up the shouting match. The shouting match is where most arguments big or small go when 1 or more parties involved no longer can form ideas. Sometimes arguments actually start as the shouting match, usually when a woman or teenager is involved because they're emotion-driven, irrational hormone pipe bombs.
This would be a good time to bring up arguing online, which doesn’t fit any criteria of the definition of 'argument'. It's actually just a bunch of people slapping their heads against keyboards, spicing up language with swears and insults and pressing a send button. No thought required, no conclusion is ever met, nobody wins.
The all caps argument is the brain-dead, unholy spawn of the shouting match and people that argue online. Any argument on the Internet is pointless, but arguments made in all caps are usually pertaining to the absolute most unimportant subjects. Common areas include celebrity romances, cars, clothes, drugs, music, any show on E! Other than the Soup, top 10 hottest-whatever lists, reality TV shows, whose dad is better than someone else's dad, etc. To top the shit sundae with a cherry all of these debortions (debate-abortions) are started by the non taxpaying, all knowing trash that dwell on sound off pages, teenage boys, any girl that knows the difference between team Edward and team Jacob, proud moms, kids without girlfriends, kids without jobs... the list assuredly goes on, but you get the picture, losers, terrorists, masturbators... People who would have been much better off shot into their mother's mouth 9 months before they popped out and ruined their parent's lives.
Essentially what I'm saying is don't come here to argue, just visit to enjoy how unbelievably awesome I am and be awesome with me.